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Tiny penis humiliation stories

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Tiny Penis Humiliation Stories

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I would always feel small penis humiliation especially around pretty girls, I fantasized that they knew how small my penis was and would verbally tease and humiliate me about it. Anyway, I was a physics major and genius level at any type of math. One time we were studying in her dorm room, and I happened to see a vibrator laying out on her bedside table, when she noticed I had noticed, she told me to close my eyes and I heard a drawer open as she put it away. Another day we were studying and it was her birthday, there were cards taped to the window in her dorm room and a balloon bouquet.

What is my age: 25
Where am I from: Slovak
Sex: Woman
Sign of the zodiac: Cancer
Body type: My figure features is chubby
What I prefer to drink: Rum
I prefer to listen: Blues
Smoker: Yes

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She stepped closer to you. Memories of the night filled your head.

She took your stiff, small cock in her fingers and gently stroked it. You were too turned on to fight back. She giggled. Your face turned red with embarrassment. If so, The Bliss of Small Penis humiliation is for you.

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You were on the brink of orgasm. You got on your knees in front of her and worshiped her pussy as she stood above you. Become a supporter today and get your cock humiliated along with other pleasures. It was the words. You remembered cumming on the floor.

When you were finished a slight smile crossed her face. I am glad to hear that you do care about your husband though. You might have a different take on it if your husband was really small.

You needed more. You walked to the bathroom with an uncomfortable erection making a small tent in your underwear. Your arousal was far ahead of your understanding. There was a smile on her face. It just means we have to change things. As my pants fell to the floor she slowly went down to her knees. It would be ridiculous anyway as he is 20cm a fraction off 8 inches which most women at least my friends would think plenty big.

She smiled at you. I walked into the bedroom and found Beth in heels and a sexy negligee laying on the bed. The net result is that now, at 48, we are empty nesters and we have begun settling into a new stage of our lives. Your cum spilled onto the hardwood floor of your apartment as your girlfriend continued her rhythmic stroking. Her hands gripped your hair tightly, pulling you closer to her cunt and covering your face in the juices of her arousal. She had always taken pride in keeping herself fit, many of my friends have made comments and I always took pride in that.

You pulled a tee shirt over your head and shambled into the kitchen.

Small penis humiliation of husband

Your girlfriend smiled again. You had to stay, at least for a little while. You ate together like any other morning, but this was different. You were. Much to your embarrassment, you were getting hard. She passionately kissed me and told me she loved me. I say that even when its not true because I know it will excite my husband SO much.

I married my wife Beth very young, we were both 21 and were high school sweethearts.

On the counter was a glass of bourbon with a note underneath it. You looked at the floor. You knew most men would just break up with her. In one fluid motion she swallowed and began to bob up and down on my dick. As she was kissing my neck I felt her undoing my belt. She added scrambled eggs to the bacon and passed you a plate. It was her calling your cock worthless. Please let me know what you think. You stick that little dick in me, you cum, and then you go on your way. You had no idea why your dick was getting hard, but it was.

Are you ready for a naughty SPH story? Her clarity was jarring. Your girlfriend was cooking. You could barely wrap your head around what she was saying.

I really like your stories and it has gotten me to write one of my own. You remembered going down on her for what seemed like an hour as she continued your humiliation. They were lobbed at you by your girlfriend at the end of a particularly nasty fight about your sex life. Remember, the story continues on my Patreonso become a supporter today to get access.

I hope you enjoyed this little dose of small penis humiliation. Because it is.

The next morning, you woke up alone in bed. I am the only man that my wife has ever been with and we have an active, but mundane sex life. It does nothing for me. The words were meant to hurt you. You hesitated, but for only a second before following her order. I was instantly hard and excited by this new version of Beth. Do you understand?

I love you. We can figure everything else out. She slowly got off the bed and swayed over to me. You remembered your beautiful girlfriend humiliating your cock relentlessly. You knew you were going to miss fucking her perfect pussy, but her humiliation of your small cock was too arousing to resist.

The bliss of small penis humiliation

Your sex life was about to change drastically. She stroked you faster, taking a tighter grip and using the precum dripping from the tip of your cock as lube. They were meant to end the fight, and they did, in a way.

You were too close to orgasm to make her stop. Your relationship had changed. One night I came home and it was the beginning of a complete change in my life.

She told you of the men that had been inside her before and how big their cocks had been. She came in less than a minute. I still find her just as attractive as the day I met her. The smell of bacon filled the room. By 25 we had 2 kids and were working up the corporate ladder. You obeyed without hesitation.

There are tons more femdom posts and cuckold stories to enjoy, too. Last night you finally did, and it was incredible.