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Trials in tainted space height

Games have evolved immensely from the early point-and-click adventures that drew us in as children. What is Trials in Tainted Spaceand how can you get started? This game is entirely text-based, which means there are no cutscenes or animated encounters.

Trials In Tainted Space Height

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Throughout the game, the player finds full freedom to customization over his character. At the start, the player is free to choose his race, height, genitals, and other things.

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You must be registered to see the links. Nov 12, 72 The version in the OP is over 3 months old Jan 10, 49 JonesI said:. I'm new to this and after reading about 30 first s of the thread I got non of questions I had. Live Cam Girls. Show hidden low quality content. Jaybig Member.

Feb 1, 82 Latest is up! New posts. Live Sex Cams. Sep 9, Guys I need a bit of help here.

Warphorror said:. Seems I need to strictly play it on PC. I cannot save files outside the game for editing The text and buttons are too small. It's all NSFW. Dec 17, 13 4.

Top Bottom. Aug 22, Noone Member. First is what are image pack sfw and boobs mod? Nov 2, UndeadEve Active Member. Wish there was a mod that added enemies from CoC into the game with their events. Forums Adult Games Games. Log in. Dec 2, 28 4. Last edited: Feb 11, Reactions: Warphorror. Jaybig said:.

Trials in tainted space height hentai

Warphorror Active Member. Mega updated. You must log in or register to reply here. Third that how to implement cheat codes in android version?

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Unless you develop porn games at your workplace, then it's all SFW. Though to be honest, I've been on porn sets where I would rather not be seen playing a game with a giant cartoon horse dick on the screen. Feb 19, 1, 1, Well that's the first good laugh I've had today.

First Prev of Go to. Latest Updates. And recently learned that there are cheat codes you can use.

Thanks in advance. Apr 28, 41 IllumiNaughty said:. Texts are very hard to read and buttons are so small. APKs exist, and that is the beginning and end of my knowledge. Thread Updated : AutoDux Newbie.


Second that it seems the game does not run very well on android. Reactions: Jaybig. AnonFile You must be registered to see the links. Jan 18, What's the strongest weapon in game? Have you retrieved the Zeng Shi probe? Log in or register now.

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Spoiler: 1. Jan 2, I think my save is broken. What are their differences to main game you can download from main site? That's S W F. It's a. LOL any kind of help is appreciated. Reactions: vhawkesDeleted memberAzriel Satan and 1 other person. GFattyCat New Member. Reactions: Aazkaal.

Discussion Reviews Prev 1 … Go to. Is there any? Apr 26, 42 Noone said:. If you need a flash player, there was one posted a couple s back. I'm not much of a mobile gamer so I can't help ya there. Go to. JonesI Newbie Game Developer. Reactions: UnderbomberrinbeezRitzy and 11 others. And dont see any option to make buttons any bigger.