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True school paddling stories

I don't know whether to laugh at the most unlikely child getting paddled or cry at the very thought that we accepted such punishment as good and proper. My first teaching job was in a school that still practiced corporal punishment but it was administered by the assistant principal, in this case a woman who was former military. I had a student that was hard to deal with and I guess I sent him one too many times to the office.

True School Paddling Stories

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Maybe you missed it, but over the summer, DISD trustees toyed with the idea of putting an end to paddling. If we remove that tool, we may open up a can of worms that cannot be closed.

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She should have been paddled by some of my female teachers. Either addresses are anonymous for this group or you need the view member addresses permission to view the original message. Lisa, I saw the article too.

True school paddling stories

Well, the only thing I can agree with is that the school violated the same sex policy. Long live the paddle. She feels it should have been done by a woman since that was school policy.

School Paddling in the News. So when the girl went home to cry to her mother about how badly the two swats yes a measly two swats hurt, and she showed her mommy that her bottom was fire engine red and slightly bruised, Mommy was in an uproar because this "man" should not have hit her daughter so hard.

She would have been lucky to have just gotten 2 swats first of all, and then her butt would be lit up like a Christmas tree! I know all about female school administrators and the paddle lol Actually, Taylor "claims" she wasn't aware that the other girl was cheating off of her What I wonder is if she got two after serving one day of iss, would she have gotten four originally?

I will post several links to some of the articles and videos about all of this below. Now, is this ridiculous or what?

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Many people can attest to that After this woman complained about the policy, she got her wishes and the policy was changed. To post to this group, send to true-school-pa To unsubscribe from this group, send to true-school-paddling Krub, True School Paddling Stories.

I hope they are all good. Apparently the school had a same sex paddling policy and the girl was paddled by the male VP that made the phone call to the mother.

Well, the principal called the girl's mother and since it was what her daughter wanted, she gave the approval for her daughter to be paddled. Oh, and since this girl got so much attention, there was another girl and her mother that jumped on the band wagon as well.

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Show original message. It looks like the first to links as well as the 5 th one are no longer valid for whatever reason.

Report message as abuse. Lisa E. Reply to author. Ah, but here is where the tides turned.

The school DID violate the same sex policy but otherwise the whining brat got off easy!! Sugar wonders if the Christmas tree butt would flash on and off. Here are the links. But if this mother thinks that her daughter would have been better off being paddled by a woman, she was really in for a rude awakening.

A drawer he seemed too excited to open holding wooden paddles used for corporal punishment

Hello all! True School Paddling Stories. Apparently a young lady in Texas was caught cheating and received two days of ISS. Well on the second day, she wanted to opt for an alternative punishment and chose to be paddled.

The school board voted to allow men to paddle girls I think that's just waaaaayyyyy too funny. I am in total agreement with you. Sorry, I guess I should have tested the links before I sent the message. I can't believe no one has posted anything here yet about all of this, but perhaps no one knows about it.