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Tummy tickle fanfiction

It was late into the night.

Tummy Tickle Fanfiction

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Day 4 - You tickle your favorite fandom character. A sequel to Day 2 - Favorite fandom character tickles you. A few days later, it seemed that Sam had forgotten about the tickle fight and your revenge. But you had planned everything.

What is my age: 26
Tone of my iris: Misty blue
Hair: Fair
I can speak: English, Spanish
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Tummy love

Mar 16, Roman openly laughed along whilst Logan tried to stifle his giggles. Logan was able to hand him a new cord to plug into the huge tangle of wires. So squeaky and bouncy.

His growing smirk showed he was catching on. Bare soft belly. Wait a minute… Patton poked again.

My hands got a bit tangled in the wiring. That laugh.

You alright, virge? A lying ticklish Virgil with an exposed sensitive tummy laying right in front of me. I have a special technique for this.

Virgil snorted very loudly before descending into a state of wild cackles. Virgil approached the stand, got on his back, and slid himself underneath so he was staring up at the dvr, power cord, and miscellaneous wiring.

Virgil was in an unending mirthful state of hysteria. Patton put a hand to his wide smile as the other continued to torment that tummy. It means I can play with this adorable belly all day and not be interrupted.

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Roman and Logan tried to figure out why there was no picture on the tv screen, whilst Patton and Virgil listened. Both of you. Patton approached to see what was going on. This fic has way more EvilLer!

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I love feedback! Logan had just suppressed the last of his own giggle fit whilst Roman was still laughing heartily. Critique is greatly appreciated. Another giggle. Some wires had been chewed by some of the occasionally conjured puppies.

Patton on the other hand, remained quiet, soaking in those adorable giggles as his fingers drew shapes on the skin. Tears were built up in the corners of his eyes and he had a lovely red blush extending across his face.

Loud and free laughter pranced through the air, gracing those who heard it, and spreading the mirth. After a bit of fiddling around, Virgil was able to fix the issue. Patton smiled.

He averted his eyes out of utter embarrassment. It was addicting… and a little contagious. He could feel himself grinning rather maliciously.