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Twilight futa fanfiction

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Twilight Futa Fanfiction

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I've only ever read two Twilight fics: Luminosity and The Edge. I've yet to really see many others that seem decent, so I figured I'd ask here.

Years old: 18
Where am I from: Welsh
My sex: My gender is fem
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Hermione G. Luna L. How will they deal with a growing baby and the situations that come with it? Might also be Futa but Idk and maybe lemons later on. Two big warnings. Artemis, abandoned at birth and only loved by her caretaker, suddenly learns the truth about herself and finds herself loved by the last family she would have believed.

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P Bella warning. Who is this person? Rosalie Hale never thought she would find love, let alone in a red-headed, wild cancer patient. She gets up. Alice and Rosalie find a creature that should be extinct during a hunt.

Thank you.

Now with the threat of death looming over their he Rose's twin sister has to do what her sister can't. Until she meets the Cullens and her world is thrown upside down.

When a new neighbor moves into the long abandoned Swan Manor, Esme is curious, but not as curious as she is when a note ends up in her second story window. All I write B I'm trying something new. Lexie James wakes up in a body unlike her own, in a room she doesn't recognize. Bella is just your everyday shifter. Stories Library. M just to be sure and for maybe future chapters. Home Search About. Follow Bella and the crew as they work through these new events and figure out what's going on.

Who is this strange woman, and why is she there? M for future language and maybe some other fun things. A as always, this is femslash. P Bella, trigger warning, furries Just as Elinor is about to Twilight futa fanfiction Merida hell for shooting for her own hand, a strange woman shows up claiming to be the oldest, and asks to compete, but not for Merida's hand in marriage.

Runs with her brothers. It takes her only moments to realize she has become who she believed to be a fictional character.

Bella and her family live in Forks when a new girl moves into town, setting this whole story in motion. After patching it up they keep the animal as a companion, but is this animal truly just that, an animal?

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As she grows up, she learns more and more about herself and finds her life turned upside down by not one, but two women, and then finds herself in the middle of a war. Now it's her job to save the lives the owner of her new body killed and she has only a short time to do so. The Cullen family finds an unusual child on their doorstep and take it in. And why are they so willing to help Esme Platt? Femslash warning.

Furries, femslash, werecreatures, the works. Or is it something more? Don't like don't read.