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Two brothers sex

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Two Brothers Sex

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Cari video bokep two brother Ini adalah daftar video bokep yang ditemukan berdasarkan kata kunci yang Anda masukkan "two brother". Dude and his brother in law fuck a busty babe together.

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She was coming, and for the seconds that it lasted, it was the most beautiful thing. His cock was missing her g-spot though, and the majority of her pleasure came from watching the expression on his face as he moved back and forth against her. The next feeling he had was betrayal that his girlfriend was doing this, not to mention in front of him. She smiled as she scooted her body right next to Marcus on the floor.

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Her eyes were looking at the ceiling as he pulled back out, and then sank in again. Marcus sat down on a chair next to the couch. Theresa broke her fake glare at the TV and smiled at him, but looked back before Marcus caught her eye again.

Marcus looked at Theresa now and she returned his stare and smiled up at him. He just pressed tighter against her as they kissed.

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Theresa smiled between their kisses as she felt his erect penis pushing against his jeans and on her thigh. Then she stopped their kissing for a moment and retreated one hand from his ass and pushed it between their bodies. Then Matt reached to his side with one hand and yanked the jeans down his hips. Matt returned his lips to hers as she massaged her hands against his butt now. His hands were on her thighs as he pushed her down a little tighter to his face.

He and Theresa were too tight against each other to pull their pants down all the way though, so both of their jeans remained just below their hips. Matt stayed laying back on the couch and watching his brother kiss his girlfriend between the legs.

Everyone fantasizes about being with two people at the same time. At first she tried to look disgusted. Marcus was still in awe of what happened and remained standing there with a full erection now, hoping something would develop here. Oh yes, this was it. He got off the couch and fell to his knees and hands and crawled over to them. She continued caressing his back, but now she snuck her hands under his shirt and touched him skin-to-skin with her palms.

But just then Marcus caught Theresa in the corner of his eye, and he swung his eyes around just in time to see that she was looking at his penis.


He jerked it as the two onlookers watched. Marcus smiled over quickly at Matt and then turned to Theresa. Maybe she was also trying to act unimpressed for the sake of Matt. Finally Mrs. Ramirez got to her feet and walked to Rosa at the doorway as they prepared to leave. He could have lifted his head to taste it, but he waited for her to initiate contact. Neither Mrs. Matt looked a little embarrassed, but not half as much as Theresa appeared as Marcus stood there nonchalantly naked and talking with two older women who he had obviously had sex with.

Theresa bounced her hips between the two of their faces. Matt and Marcus shared this moment with her, as they kept their tongues rolling against her body even as she began bringing herself down on her side to rest. Matt felt shocked at first too.

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Then it happened. Matt almost seemed to spit her lips away from his as he smiled widely at her. She kept trying to avoid looking at him, as tempted as she was. Just as he had been tempted to do, now Marcus dropped to his knees beside the couch and leaned over Theresa and brought his lips to hers.

Soon she stood directly above his face and he knew what was going to happen next as she lowered herself to her knees and her pussy hovered inches from his lips. YES, this was it! Both Marcus and Matt felt their body temperatures raise a bit at the sight of her beautifully-shaped breasts as they hung from her chest. But he saw a look in her eyes that clinched it. Immediately she sighed in relief as she felt his wet lips touch her vagina. Her pubic hairs danced in front of his eyes as he let his tongue drag along her slit. Matt was kissing her passionately Two brothers sex she reached around him and caressed his back.

He knew he was there and immediately he pulled out of Theresa and lifted himself off of her and onto his knees on the couch, with his penis in his right hand. Marcus watched with an impatient cock as his little brother fucked Theresa.

He peaked into the dark, opened crack and could make out the pink anus set between both her pale, sexy buns. They both still were fully-clothed, but Marcus recognized the obvious sexual gesture — his little brother was rubbing a hard-on against his girlfriend.

Marcus laughed at his fake anger, determined to make him tell his true feelings. Theresa wanted to change this but wanted to stay this close to Matt, so she looked to Marcus for help. Ramirez said.

Matt was finding a rhythm now, and his hips moved slightly swifter against her, but not too fast. Matt felt life begin to return to his groin, but he was far from erect again. He saw the look in her eye and knew immediately what she wanted, because he had been thinking it himself.

They watched each other lustily for a moment until Matt felt Theresa spread her legs and wrap them around the back of his thighs. Her entire body felt like it was tingling as she felt her clit begin to light up. He felt awkward about it at first, but he watched willingly. Maybe it was the raw sexual fever of the situation, but Matt enjoyed the sight of it.

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Matt moved his hips back now, and felt his now-wet penis slip out of the vagina and into the cool air. But the third feeling overwhelmed the first two, as he realized she was horny, and the fact that she was licking up what remained of the sex his brother had with two women earlier that morning only heightened this emotion. The two 30something-year-old women had dressed again after waking up an hour ago with Marcus in his bed. Ramirez as she knelt down on the living room floor, scrubbing the hardened stain on the plush white carpeting where her year-old college student had come the night before.

Theresa tried not to look, but it was very hard ignoring the two women pressing their bodies to Marcus and sharing a threeway kiss.

She reached to her side with the hand that unzipped her pants and tugged it down her hips now. He wanted this to be just right with his girlfriend of 5 months. They waved goodbye and Marcus waved back, and closed the door. He leaned down and kissed her passionately again in response. The sex-drenched look on her face that had been there just a moment ago was gone, and now she looked like the Theresa that Matt knew.

Theresa finally pushed Marcus away from her lips. Theresa suddenly realized Marcus had caught her glare and she quickly looked away. Marcus was frustrated at them now. Oh yes! She could tell Matt was getting hot just be the temperature of his skin. The tremors coming from his voice vibrated against her clit and made her wince a little as she panted now.

With nothing but her shirt and socks on, Theresa rocked back and forth beneath her boyfriend as his warm, strong penis pushed apart her cunt and entered inside her. Marcus wanted so much to lean over her and kiss her lips, but he was still unsure of how Matt would react to that.

But in his afterglow, he Two brothers sex the strength to lift his head and smile at Theresa, his dick still in his hand as it softened in his grip. Marcus could tell Matt was straining too and it was confirmed when the younger boy moaned. Theresa had another big smile on her face as she held it in her palm and squeezed it.

He got up off the chair and walked in front of the couch where Matt was. A moment later Marcus heard another unzipping noise and knew that Theresa was unzipping herself now. He was panting heavier now, and she could tell he was close to coming by how his nuts had tightened and had stopped slapping against her.

Matt tasted her ass on his tongue as he brought it back into his mouth and kissed the anus with his lips now, before letting his tongue back out. Matt got off his seat on the couch and crawled on top of Theresa as she laid her back on the couch.

Two brothers share two sisters

Matt felt his knees weaken as his orgasm passed and he fell backwards against the couch, and lay at the opposite end of where Theresa was. The two were locked together tightly by the lips as they struggled for better position against each other.

Theresa stood straight up now and walked over Marcus as he looked up at her, finding new arousal in seeing her vagina from this angle. He felt a strong respect for his brother now, as he watched the year-old replace his palm with his lips as he kissed Theresa. Marcus suddenly realized that Theresa might not have been very honest with her behavior around his nakedness and bluntness.

Marcus had to find out. But before his head fell out of her, he soothed it back into her. Theresa just smiled at Matt and was satisfied that she had made him orgasm. And so he began.

Matt was nervous as he finally felt her vagina at the tip of his cock, not knowing when to push forward. And she did, as she bent her knees further and brought her hips down upon his soft face. Theresa made it when she sat up straight on the couch and lifted the shirt over her head.