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Has anyone tried urethral sounding? I can see it is quite an intimate act but seems to carry all manner of medical risks. All advice and opinion gratefully received. Is have a set of sounds that I enjoy using on myself.

My age: 27
What is my nationaly: Bangladeshi
Sexual identity: I prefer gentleman
Sex: Girl
What is the color of my hair: Silky brunet hair
What is my Zodiac sign: I'm Cancer
My figure features: My body features is medium-build
Favourite drink: I prefer to drink rum
Hobbies: Hunting

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So I'm a lot stronger, and a lot roomier than I thought.

I've managed to plunge the sound down my erect penis, right past the scrotum for a total depth of almost 8 inches. I do not admit that a wrong has been done to these people by the fact that a stronger race, a higher-grade race, a more worldly wise race to put it that way, has come in and taken their place. Eight inches and more! I do not admit for instance, that a great wrong has been done to the Red Indians of America or the black people of Australia.

I had a lot of nagging questions that needed to be answered, and I now know just how tough I can be. You still with me? That's a lot!

So that's my initial sounding experience. They've never reached the prostate or the bladder.

I couldn't push it out, so I got on my knees and leaned forward. And they have to be inserted quickly when you're not erect!

Just to give you an idea how far the sounds went in, look at this cut-away. What follows is an of my personal experience inserting many inches of surgical stainless steel in my urethra. And when it wanted to shoot out as I leaned forward, it did it without causing any sudden jolts! The Hegars however, were first used when I tried using the SurgiLube. I have a set of these, but I don't dare try them.

Location: Memphis, TN. This doesn't really appeal to me, but its good that someone took the time to understand how to get into this and how to do it safely. It's not necessarily a physical thing mind you. Now about the pain which is probably what you're all waiting for.

While the thought of sounding doesn't scare me, it doesn't excite me either, so I don't plan on trying Urethral sounding forum. Once I squeezed some pre-cum on it however, I was okay, and the sounds fell in a little bit more. As for the Prince's Wand I'm considering, that'll have to wait until I get some more experience with the sounds, and I stop getting wasted and nauseous afterwards. And it so happens I'm able to produce enough of it. As for peeing afterwards a requirement after such a practiceyes it's a bit uncomfortable.

I knew the risks when I tried urethra play, but I also knew there were a wide range of treatments available for the consequences. As long as the sounds are fully lubed up, as long as you don't use a size that's too large or too small yes, there's such a thing as "too small" -- it acts more like a needleand as long as you're very gentle, you'll feel a tingling sensation at first, but you won't feel any pain.

Luckily, I've found an excellent substitute: pre-ejaculatory fluid, otherwise known as pre-cum. After that, I alternated between different sounds to see how far I can push it.

Is anybody still here? I occasionally play with these things, nicely lubed up, in 8 and 10mm widths, which is not so much for this kind of behaviour I have seen things which make me want to scream, though some of you will look at that and feel the same way The feeling varies depending on the day, but is usually very intense and extremely erotic but not something that's likely to drive me to a satisfying climax on it's own.

But once I've done this a couple of times, it's less painful than when spermicide foam containing Nonoxynol-9 gets inside my urethra. You have to wait until you become limp before you can maneuver it out, which will be extremely difficult for me since I'm easily excitable. I could never do that, because I have absolutely no reaction to it or the videos of it's ilk. An update.

The conversation

The only slight pain I've felt occurred at the meatus when an un-lubed part of the sound hit the opening. The sound almost shot out! However, this doesn't mean I want to participate in this activity too often. This isn't a big surprise. No pain! Enjoy greatly Milnoc! But as it turns out, they were the most comfortable of the three sounds I've purchased. I won't say that it has added anything major in the sensation department, but it does make it "different", and that alone was enough for it to be worthwhile for me.

They go right into the bladder! Despite my precautions, I still manage to be sloppy and infected myself.

Tisonlyi was right about being careful about lubey fingers. However, I'm seriously considering ing my of reading this thread and following the links. I have a urinary tract infection.

I'm now on a ten day regime of antibiotics which, after just one day, have made me feel so much better. Instead, I got bored and stopped. There's also other models such as Pratts and Rodebuds, but I'll pass for now. The curve was especially intimidating. I had mine done in June, started at a 10 gauge, and just tonight sized up to a 6 gauge. It more likely a psychosomatic effect brought on by the realization that I can insert large steel rods inside the most delicate orifice of my body with few ill effects!

Usually it's just foreplay. Go to Location: Firmly in the middle They are not really good for anything, but they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs.

It was very interesting to hear your writeup, Milnoc, and I'm sure it will help someone out there. The Van Buren sounds! Still, I don't regret my "Jackass" moment. This is what it looks like when fully inserted.

Hell, I couldn't even insert it in the first place because I need a boner just to produce enough lube to coat the thing! Caution is advised, I've let it slip a couple of times - lubeyfingers - and the weight can let the taper slide down inside far enough to freak me out a tad, but it's easy enough to push it back up I have friends who've been sounding we know it's called sounding, right?

The first thing I've discovered is that SurgiLube irritates me quite a bit. It's a very unpleasant substance which I'd prefer to avoid if at all possible. This is one of those things thats on the list, but I haven't done enough research into it yet. Because one of the side-effects of this play is that it leaves me wasted afterwards, and even a bit nauseous.

I do not admit that right. Milnoc, if you've considered a Prince Albert, I have to say that it isn't as bad as some would think.

You know how people put their own s of first watching "2Girls1Cup" on YouTube? User Name Remember Me? Password Donate now! I'll be honest. If interested, check out my thread HERE.

A guide to sounding: the kink where you stick a rod up your urethra

I still can't grasp that this is even possible at such an extent! The sounds went in as far as the base of the bulb, just before the opening of the Cowper's gland. Living in a country with socialized medicine also helps by not worrying about the treatment costs.

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Despite the sound being eight inches long, it managed to disappear into my penis! The Dittel sounds I've tried were frightening at first.

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Location: madison, wi. So at first, I wasn't too keen to try them again. Last edited by Milnoc; at PM. Yeah, I'm still here. I'm serious! Location: Montreal. Fetish nurse not included.