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Vegetable sex stories

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Vegetable Sex Stories

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Age: 26
My sex: Girl
Body type: My figure type is quite chubby
What is my favourite music: Dance
Smoker: No

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There is a man who comes to our road with a push cart selling vegetables and fruits. This story is about my wife being seduced by the vegetable vendor or is it the other way around read it by her own words.

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Now he comes between my legs and first kissed my pussy then my ass then he entered his tongue in my pussy, it was already wet he lapped up the wet juice. Now I asked him which milk he wants he said pussy milk and took me like a baby putting me on bed widens my legs.

Next Next post: My wife with the tailor. I said yes but I need big strong bananas.

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Free Sex Chat. Now he comes on me 69 and enters one finger in my ass and licking my pussy pinched my clitoris that did it, I squirted on his face and I had his cock at my face I kissed it then took it between my lips. Published by.

And he became more bold when I am alone and used to talk double meaning words taking cucumber he will say this is right size slowly I too became bold answer boldly once he took a banana and peeling the skin while eating it asked me do you like bananas. I tried to swallow all but some leaked through my lips.

The next day he came at my house he had his cart taken to his places, he came with some vegetables in a carry bag I invited him in and offered him tea, taking tea from me he said he likes milk better. Hello dear readers this is your Jameela with one fuck story of mine it has been long time I have not posted my stories so please read this and masturbate on my name.

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I know he is a horny man as he is in very far district he is sex starved also so why not help him so I made it a point to go to buy things. View all posts by jallejammeell.

He has a habit of taking apples or oranges in his hand showing it to ladies while touching it in a certain manner and sometimes takes brinjals or cucumbers in a special way and show it to ladies. This content appeared first on new sex story.

He first took my top off playing with my boobs through my bra then took of my bra. He straight way said he has bigger stronger banana if I want he Will bring it to my house. sociální síť pro dospělé

This story My wife with the vegetable vendor appeared first on newsexstory. When the rush of ladies buying finished and also dressed sexy showing cleavage and panty through my leggings.

Slowly started to suck it now his cock is growing in my mouth yes he is about to cum, he pulled my head and ejected his man milk in my mouth nearly five big spurts. When he came I locked the front door and coming to him told him to drink.