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What is anr/abf

A meetup or munch is a low-pressure social gathering for people involved in or interested in a topic, usually at a restaurant, bar, or coffee shop.

What Is Anr/abf

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Ultimately, an ANR is a committed relationship between partners in which ABF is elevated to a major source of intimacy and bonding. When lactation is involved, partners must have regular nursing sessions often multiple times a day in order to maintain a steady flow of milk. Although nursing sessions may be erotic and lead to sex, many ANR participants report intense emotional urges to nurture and be nurtured. It may be part of a casual relationship or a long-term relationship LTR.

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Anr adult nursing relationship to me implies a more strengthened Bond that involves romance and sex as well as suckling of course. Log In. New Report Close.

ANR can involve sex but again, in its purest form it is about the amazing bond between two adults. To p a difference between ANR and ABF is to p that its possible for adult nursing to happen without any relationship between the participants. Log In Register.

Thanks Michael! If a woman wants to be a milk goddess and nurse hundreds more power to her.

To me abf is just the nursing aspect of it. October 4, at am Anonymous Inactive. October 4, at pm LondonMan Participant. JOE Participant.

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But in practice I stumbled onto an interesting trend. I kept my fantasy a secret for 30 years until I found this sight. Not sure if it was by community consensus or what but it sure is interesting to see the understanding of the acronyms grow and change. ABF would seem to be a more casual less intense commitment and romance.

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This topic has 7 replies, 8 voices, and was last updated 1 year ago by Anonymous. Years ago I wanted my ex-husband to suckle me in between the times I fed our child but he was not interested. Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 of 8 total.

Please understand not saying either definition is right or wrong. Seems to be tale as old as time. October 8, at pm You must be logged in to reply to this topic. The pain of rejection is a topic in itself, goes without saying that for social creatures like ourselves, our minds our wired to desperately avoid being rejected, as in a natural setting that could be tantamount to death.

Just interesting. If a man wants to nurse someone, awesome.

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Do want to put a word of advice out that we should be careful not to look down upon others because they are being honest in what they seek. October 7, at pm Chuckie Participant. So now I ask you… what does each of these terms mean to you? But anr is more about a connection and intimacy. In theory, who knows, anything is possible.

As long as everyone involved is willing and happen then we should consider celebrating their honesty instead of shaming their desires. Keep me ed in. ABF is really breast worship but can involve sex whereas ANR is really all about nursing, ideally wet but it can also be dry or in between, working to bring in milk. Kind of a Friends with benefits only instead of sex you are sucking.

I always dreamed of an adult at my breast for all the great reasons there are. For years since anyways people have tried to make a distinction between the 2 acronyms.