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Who is beating off bob

Chapters : 1 2 3. Editorial Comment: This story was written at a time when the pen name the author used was "Beating Off Bob". Some readers may remember that name.

Who Is Beating Off Bob

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Who the hell is beating off bob? 3

Bob's rock hard cock was telling him to go for it. Bob had been lusting over his daughter since she turned thirteen and her breasts started to swell up. Even though she was upset over what was happening, what her Dad was doing was making Samantha feel wetter between her legs. Let it happen…. Let me go!! Keeping his daughter horny but not letting her climax was central to his plan. Bob liked it that Samantha dressed so skimpily inside the house where they were the only two living together with each other. The enormity of what he was doing, trying to fuck his own daughter, had Bob rock hard now as he planned how to proceed from here.

Samantha felt very uncomfortable with this level of intimacy with her own father as his naked body pressed against hers from behind, their hot skin sticking together as she struggled to free herself. Once he got on that bed with her, there would be no stopping what happened next. But the thing that had really gotten his attention is the way his daughter had started dressing in front of him.

Samantha knew he must be really drunk to get in bed with her naked! It had worked for a long time, but like all men, Bob felt the need to fuck a real pussy. Bob doubted that Samantha knew what she was doing to him by showing him all that bare tanned flesh all the time, but as time progressed, his incestuous lust for his daughter had grown stronger.

If he wanted his incestuous seduction to be a success, he was going to have to move slowly, one step at a time, gradually escalating things when it was time to take it to the next level. From the sound of things, his horny little girl was getting close and Bob knew if he wanted to take advantage of this situation, he had to act fast.

Bob really needed to have sex with Samantha tonight. Whether the voice was his own thoughts or not, it was urging him to take immediate action while his daughter was was so wet and horny.

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Confused and anxious because of the unusually high arousal she felt inside of her pussy, Samantha wanted her big hot naked Dad to get out of her bed and leave her alone so she could get her hands back on her pussy and finish masturbating. Since the weather had turned so hot, Samantha had been wearing her skimpiest clothes, usually just short shorts and a tiny halter top. Even though he watched hardcore porn and masturbated imaging fucking pussies, it was of course no substitute for the real thing.

Let it happen. Too ashamed to speak, all she could do was nod her head as she consented to have vaginal intercourse with her own Dad. Samantha never dreamed in a million years that she was going to be fucking her own father after more than thirteen years of living together with him, but things change.

Hearing the sounds of her loud, passionate moans, Bob wanted to be inside of the room with her watching his pretty thirteen year old daughter get off. He was a man with unsatisfied sexual needs, and those needs demanded Bob get some pussy from any female available to him. Because it was midsummer, Bob was super horny, much more so than he usually was.

Bob knew if he moved too fast he would scare his daughter and then his chance of fucking her would be gone. Bob thought Samantha was looking better and better as she was growing older and starting to get tits. His cock was completely stiff it was so hard to fuck Samantha now.

Samantha looked back at her Dad in stunned disbelief, not understanding why he was naked in her bed with her. Seeing his baby naked on her knees masturbating along with all the loud female noises she was making did something to Bob inside. Bob knew he was playing a very dangerous game trying to fuck his thirteen year old daughter, but the loud nasty way Samantha was masturbating herself gave him confidence that his plan was going to work.

She was completely naked!!

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Bob tried to get more excited about the man and woman fucking doggy style on the big screen TV but it was no use. Suddenly ready to bring the seduction of his daughter to a whole new level, Bob decided it was time to let his little girl know why he was really here. She had to be fully onboard with the incest for him to feel safe. The XXX-rated penetration video was hot but Bob had seen it before.

Working hard to sexually stimulate his daughter so her arousal became hot, he soon heard her a lot more low, feminine moaning and noticed that Samantha was a lot wetter than she had been. Throwing caution to the wind, Bob very quickly got on top of the bed with his completely naked daughter. He was betting everything that he could get Samantha to forget about him being her father for just one night and letting him fuck her. All Bob had to do was interrupt Samantha at just the right moment and prevent her from getting herself off and he would get some real pussy tonight, the hot, tight pussy of his own sexy little daughter.

He wanted to fuck Who is beating off bob pussy as soon as he could, tonight if possible. Her Dad's hot caressing fingers on her swollen nipples made shivers run up and down her spine and the excitement she felt inside of her pussy from masturbating grew stronger. This was his last chance to turn back and stay a good father to his daughter. In fact he had watched his entire porn collection several times now and it was losing its hotness for him.

Suddenly ready to fuck her Dad, Samantha was beyond speech now as her wet pussy became even hotter and she let out a low, feminine moan of frustration while completely relaxing her body, trying to let her Dad know as subtly as possible that she was ready to go all the way with him. Lately Bob had even started masturbating about fucking his daughter, sometimes sniffing the crotch of her used panties as he did. Cracking open the bedroom door, he looked in and saw Samantha on top of her bed facing away from him.

Part 1 Sitting shirtless on his big black leather sofa, forty year old Bob Phillips downed another huge glass of whiskey as he watched the hardcore porn DVD on his big HD television.

This was her Daddy, a man she knew and loved, so why not have sex with him? Even though she felt very horny and had already let him do a lot more than she should have allowed, actually fucking her Dad was not something Samantha was willing to do. Samantha was in heat and all she could seem to think about anymore was boys and dicks and fucking.

If anything it was stronger now and she was desperate to get off. No longer thinking like a responsible father of a thirteen year old girl, Bob was now thinking like a man with unsatisfied sexual needs who realized the opportunity to get some pussy was right in front of him, if he had the balls to take the pussy of his own daughter.

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He would become a very bad father then. Foreplay was the obvious answer. She wore as little clothing as she could around him without being naked. As she masturbated herself frantically to relieve the sexual tension she felt inside her pussy, Samantha was completely unaware of the presence of her Dad inside her bedroom with her.

Bob realized in that moment he had waited far too long to have sex with someone as the unmistakable, uncomfortable feelings of sexual frustration came over him. Trying to build up the courage to fuck his daughter, Bob heard a voice inside his head. The only question was: was Samantha nasty enough to fuck her own Dad?

As Bob stripped completely naked he felt fear about the possible consequences of what he was about to do, but the alcohol and his lust and sexual frustration helped take away his fear and give him more confidence that he would be able to successfully fuck his daughter to completion.

Even though she was busily working on getting herself off, thirteen year old Samantha immediately felt the weight of another person on top of the bed just before a hot body suddenly pressed against hers from behind.

See a problem?

One of her hands was groping her pussy between her perfectly tanned thighs, rubbing her slender tanned fingers all over her swollen, sensitive Who is beating off bob as she masturbated on her bed with her eyes closed. His wife of almost twenty years had died last year of cancer and Bob had chosen not to try to find female companionship in all that time.

He felt ashamed over his incestuous thoughts about Samantha, but thinking about his own daughter sexually did excite him in an unnatural way. His need to get laid suddenly got a lot stronger as he silently watched his baby masturbating a very wet and frustrated looking pink pussy.

Then she would be super horny and desperate to get off. Hardcore porn and masturbation had been his only sexual outlet since his wife died. Samantha Phillips lay face down on her bed on her knees with her ass thrust up in the air like a bitch ready to be mounted as she noisily masturbated herself on this hot, humid summer night. With the position they were already in, Bob wanted to fuck Samantha doggy style. His little girl walking around the house almost naked in front of him gave him some very unfatherly ideas about his daughter as he took in the sight of all the tanned, bare skin she was showing him.

s: [ 1 ] Go Down. After coming this far, there was no way he was going to bed without getting some pussy. For sure that would come later, but right now what was needed was a little foreplay with his thirteen year old daughter to get her to relax and not reject what was about to happen between them. Samantha's wet, reddened, aroused little pussy was telling him to go for it.

The summer heat seemed to increase her craving to be fucked, almost to the point of sexual frustration. Bob gave his daughter allowance money to buy her own clothes and this is what she bought.

Being as quiet as he could, Bob crept further into the bedroom, being careful to always stay in the shadows as he moved closer to his naked thirteen year old daughter on the bed. Dating was a possibility but it might take weeks for him to get to know someone well enough to have sex with them.

End of Part 1. Instead Samantha suddenly spread her tanned thighs wide apart, giving his molesting fingers better access to her wet slit and especially to her clit. Thrusting her pussy repeatedly back against the imaginary cock fucking her from behind, Samantha was deep into her fantasy of being fucked by Brad, a cute boy she knew in one of her classes at Larry Flynt Middle School.

The plan was simple: catch his daughter right before she climaxed and stop her from getting off.

Lately she had been really curious to know what it was like to be fucked for real, with a real dick.