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Wife had one night stand

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Wife Had One Night Stand

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Tell me this — why would my wife have a one night stand, although she swears up and down she loves me and is crazy about me?

Years old: I am 26
I prefer: I like guy
What is my gender: Lady
I can speak: Russian

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Do you wish for a helicopter rescue, or would you like to stay in your house and watch as the mud bursts through the doors and windows? If the answer is "not much", then there may not have been much more involved at all. Your wife of 26 years, that doesn't really like sex, fucked a complete stranger because he paid attention to her and called her beautiful while you were right there.

“why would my wife have a one night stand, although she swears up and down she loves me and is crazy about me?”

She clearly knew what was going on and choose to have sex. Unless the two of you had some recognized issues that have gone unresolved, I simply can't comprehend this. How does one put this behind them? Take the time to focus on yourself and your needs. No more alcohol then.

If she owns up to what she did, agrees to your terms, and is actually making positive steps forward to make this up to you then you can stay. Lots of married people drink and don't end up fucking some other person.

I’m fixated on a one-night stand my wife had before we met. what should i do?

NEXT time she cheats don't fool yourself, because there will be a next timeit will be harder for you to find out. Infidelity is like the boogeyman, it is absolutely exhilarating how could it not? It's not like she developed an emotional connection with him over time.

And it's all his fault.

That never works. Using poor excuses is a classic that she is unwilling to look inward at the why. What you have now is a farse, a facade, a puppet show for the world to see. Give you some room to breathe.

Should you tell your partner about your one-night-stand?

Ask her to move out for awhile. She wanted to do that. To be honest, I think she had sex with OP the night after out of guilt. Rugsweeping it by blaming it in alcohol will send the wrong message. So yeah She wanted to the attention of someone except her husband. You are still responsible for your own actions, no matter how drunk you are.

She obviously has other reasons for doing this and she should explore that. From my experience it's always good to get space. Well see broke down crying non Wife had one night stand telling me she has a one night stand with a total stranger, she told me she was sorry like times begged me to not leave her. It's not like you were out of town. Sorry for all the emphasis, but this just fucking floors me. Please read the rules and guidelines in our sub wiki before commenting. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

My partner also blames his actions on being drunk, and well, that has been my outcome. This was hard to read and is almost worse than many of the other stories on here. Like, fine. Obviously she needs to give up the bottle. My wife and I have been married for 26 years. If being drunk doesn't excuse you from commiting crimes, it doesn't excuse you for cheating. Had the exact same thing happen to me, OP. Wife confessed about a week after it transpired. How long have you known?

Be honest with her and let her know you don't know what you want right now but the atmosphere is too emotionally charged. It does not mean you are divorcing nor reconciling. Also Alcohol wasn't the main reason anyway.

Feel free to float me a message.

Be kind and remember your reddiquette! If they want to blame alcohol, that should be the condition. Your self respect and dignity is worth more than her. Guess you can't go out and get drunk with friends! To make things worst the day after having sex with this guy she had sex with me.

My wife had a one-night stand with one of our daughter’s ex-boyfriends

And the next. Gettign better at lying. She is trying to blame Alcohol for what she did and its easier for the BS as well to blame the bottle instead of the person's actions. All it takes is being more careful NEXT time. How much of the booze was after you went to bed?

A comedy of horrors to entertain the kids, the parents, the friends and the neighbors. Don't let her blame the alcohol.

Sorry ass excuse from. But should I… is knowing better? Has that been an issue before, or just this instance? How does one deal with that? However, the moment they cross that line and find out there is no bogeyman i.

Forget the sex, the fact that she was even in a place in your relationship where she could even contemplate this without you having a clue is seriously fucked up. It means you need time to think with clarity. For now, things are about you. Buying a burner phone, creating a password for the phone.

Wife had a boozed up one night stand how to get past this?

This is a sub for deeper support and discussion. I called her out on that and she said she needed to be with me. We recently came back from a 3 day camping trip out of town, we both had major fun and a good time. One thing stood out from this. If not, don't be afraid to walk over this.

You had just left her side at most hours before. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically.

Six types of affairs: one-night stand

Giving up drinking, or not getting to a point of no return, would absolutely be a condition of mine in this case moving on. Using poor excuses heightens our anxieties about an activity that is otherwise not the issue. What needs to be done now is a limited Yes, I get drunk pretty often and I'm not fucking women. Is it really THAT easy to bang some guy who tells her she's beautiful? Your wife seems equally regretful. You have a lot of stuff to work out.