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Wife night out stories

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Wife Night Out Stories

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for Free! Published 14 years ago. It happened on a friday night about a month before christmas my wifes sister's birthday and they decided to go clubbing, we had an agreement that she would be in for 3am as i was going to the football on the saturday and it was a Anyway she must've drank about half a bottle of vodka before she went out about 6pm to go down to her sisters and was allready very tipsy she looked good as allways. Shes small about 5ft 4 with 36c and a great ass first thing that i had noticed about her the first time we met.

Years: 63
My sex: Fem
Hair: Long straight brunet hair
What is my Sign of the zodiac: Leo
Figure features: Quite thin
My favourite drink: Mulled wine
Music: Blues
In my spare time I love: Looking after pets
Piercing: None
Smoker: No

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I think he was getting his cock out and trying to hide it under his coat. Now that it was the cold season again, they had gone out five more times, and this was the sixth.

When I got back, Char was on the dance floor with the same guy but this time he had his hands moving on her ass and she had her head on his shoulders. I decided It was time to go and them. Some of the group left to dance and he pulled her over more with her feet coming up to the seat and his hand went right to her pussy as he kissed her.

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Detective Lance Johnson told me all the limo drivers were registered with the city and he found out who was driving them that night. He played with her pussy through the dress for a good 10 minutes and you could tell she was getting hot. I knew they had good bouncers at this club, so nothing would get out of hand unless they wanted it to. It was then that I spotted a guy I work with at the bar, so I went down to check on him. I looked down at the booths and there sat Sue and Sara with two guys and there was one guy standing. Then he pulled her closer and his hand went under her dress to her pussy.

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She got up and left for rest rooms. She heard me and she broke her kiss and saw it really was me and jumped up hitting the table and spilling drinks. There was a table open and it was perfect, you could see the whole dance floor and the tables and some of the booths.

Jack called me at 10 and told me where the girls were. Looked like they were all linemen, about to pounds. They didn't look very old maybe but they sure were built.

When she came back she slid in next to him, and kissed and giggled. She took his hand and sucked on his fingers. This is good, I was thinking, it would be hard for them to see me. He picked them up at 7 and they started drinking in the limo.

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I had it in my mind that I was going to check on them and see what they were up to. As everyone grabbed for his or her drinks, as she slid off his lap. So I looked out on the floor and Char was dancing with a big ass dude.

I got a beer from the bar and headed for the upstairs overlooking the dance floor. You all know my writing style well enough to know If you like it or not. Only two of the women drink much at all. Damn was I ever pissed off! She is the last girl in the world that would do anything. When I found him, he was at the end of the bar in a corner. We said bye, and I headed for my post. He then took her hand and led it to his cock. The guy with her reached over and said he was Joe.

Next he was kissing her. His name was Jack and he said he would call me. So it's rough, but it's the way I wrote It. We laughed like hell.

When I got there, it was packed, as it always was on a Friday night. Bad taste to do it without me around, but not so serious. They go to the clubs and let off some steam, so I am told. He was whispering in her ear. Sue was all over me, and then Pam ed in.

She giggled and she started to jack it for him. Wow were they feeling good.

She had her eyes closed, and he kissed her. He had his arm around her and pulled her closer to him every few minutes. I thanked him and went to change to go check on them. They turned and I think he had a hand in her bra. I stood by the entrance so they would think I just came in. Next she sat up, and he took her hand and put it on his cock. We started to talk sports and next I knew he said, "I have to leave. She was getting hot from what I could see. There were five going tonight. I looked at my watch and it was just a few minutes after two. Char came back to the seat and he followed her right into the booth.

They range from 27 to 35 years of age. I went over to talk to him and have a second beer. They cuddled and kissed and again his hands went for her pussy. If not, don't bother to read It. Chilleywilley helped me a bit on it, but he's not much better than I am.

Hard as it was, I let her run a while longer. His hand went back to her pussy. They started to go out last May to get away from us guys and the .

The rest just drink at parties. When I saw them, I was by the coat check room so they thought I had checked my coat. Watching them dance for the next few minutes, they all seemed to be more or less paired off. Well, all that counts is that they have fun, I guess. Char was in a deep kiss on his lap with his hands under her skirt.

He pulled his hand out and he licked it and gave it to her to lick. Then, god damn it, he was playing with her legs. Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements.

She opened her purse and he laughed. Lance gave the guy my cell and told him to call me after he dropped them at the last place of the night. Then as I looked back at the booth, I saw that they all were big guys. I had no way of knowing how many drinks they had, but I could see it was too many. I wanted an audience so I waited Wife night out stories Pam and Sue to come out of the ladies room. It was clear as day where this was going. I went to the bar and got myself I wanted a beer, but I had had enough.

He said, "Some guys on the college football team were following them and went to this bar too. I had seen enough, so I headed for the bar. I talked to him at the curb when he came to pick her up. I wanted it to be over the line, but short of her fucking him.

They came back to the booth and his hand slipped right into her bra and she never stopped him or pulled away.

She pulled her panties and bra out and he put them in his pocket. It would be a crisis our marriage would survive, and as serious crisis that she would not forget or rationalize. I said, "That's all right, we will go have a drink with her. He was fooling with his pants. They went out twice in May and had fun, but knocked it off for the summer. The guy with Char was trying his best to get some cheap feels from her.