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Worship your wife

Note from Mark Remond.

Worship Your Wife

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This blog discusses the lifestyle my wife and I have adopted in which she is "Queen of the House".

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In this regard, your focus and thoughts are present when they are.

Striving to live each day in a passionate courtship marriage

Commend him for working hard around the house. I have heard and read about some couples who complain of their partners not accepting their faults. Parzival Sattva in Word or less Stories.

Also, when you want to apologise, do not apologize grudgingly, do it with a gesture of affection. What Caused The Dating Apocalypse. Blind Date Conundrum. Telling your partner how good, gorgeous or sexy they look goes a long way in strengthening your relationship. Tell your partner specific things you love about them and how they make you feel good. This has been ed for as one of the many long term relationship problems.

Thank you. Never be afraid to unload your innermost feelings to them. Just listen. Paying attention to your partner also means that you take into notice or consideration the little things that matter most to your partner or what they like. Some Disagreements with your partner could actually lead to a better understanding and can also put the other person into consideration before an action is taken by one partner.

These are just some simple ways to pay that attention to your spouse. Also, when they fall sick, they need your attention most etc. Have some time like going for a trip together, surprise them with gifts, lodging in a hotel where the both of you could have time for yourselves, wear those sexy clothes in anticipation for a new catch who wants to have dinner with you etc.

Sarah Saweikis in P. For the women, also, learn to always appreciate your man and thank him for any little thing nice thing he does. When you show him all ese compliments, there is this feeling of satisfaction that would want him to do more for you and the. One should be able to discuss anything and everything with your partner. Doing all those things you used to do while dating before you tied the knot is just awesome and healthy for your marriage. Open in app. Let her know how beautiful and sexy she looks in them. Compliment his new shirt, haircut or shoes.

Get started. I want to share with you today 10 secret ways to make your Worship your wife worship you that work like magic and get you surprised. More From Medium. This is one very crucial ingredient in any relationship or marriage. Men: Victims of Love. Good and regular communication actually binds people psychologically, emotionally and otherwise. Its not supposed to be a trial and error thing. Happy and adventurous couple who are in constant communication can sometimes even prophesy what the next partner would do in the next minute.

Your spouse at all times must be your confidant and first person to call or reach out to before a major decision is taken. Appreciate what you have and realize that marriages at times can be fragile Worship your wife need to be taken care of. This is the basic or foundation to any marriage or relationship. Your pains, frustrations, fear or whatever bothers you should be confessed first to your partner and not a third party. Get started Open in app. I remember one time when a colleague and a friend of mine complained about her husband losing interest in her and in things they normally would do together as couple in the past.

Never let your arguments last long or become too intense.

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Everyone who values their marriage would get concerned when changes are noticed. Another successful relationship secret is to always have your gaze fix at your partner during any form of discussion. Kindly air your thoughts in the comment section. Taking time for yourselves out and going on dates even when married can put so much glamour and sparks in your marriage. Brad Miller in P. I Love You. Renata Gomes in History of Yesterday. Any relationship or marriage that lacks constant communication will automatically lack trust. As we may know, where there is a happy marriage, there was a successful relationship that grew overtime between partners.

Frank Fradella. Take notice and get engaged with their encounters, frustration and what bothers them.

Brenda Mobebi. Any experience or addition? in. Soumya John in The Creative Cafe. The right partner.

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Some couples and partners still live as strangers in their home and only talk to each other when it is very necessary to do so. Involving your spouse and listening to their opinion shows how you respect, cherish and how important they are to you.

Worship your wife the men, take notice of when she does a new hair style, wear a new dress or shoes. Relationships Love Romance Marriage Sex. More from Brenda Mobebi Follow. Keep things civil and keep your voices down. Dawn Stergin. in Get started. Praise him for handling an argument with your children. Jaysontherun in The Millennials. Opening up to your spouse is crucial for happiness in marriage. Most of Them are Wrong. One thing I keep reading that have brought cracks and sometimes led to the dissolution of some marriages here in Nigeria is when a third party tells the wife what her husband intends to do.

Concealing your thoughts from your ificant other may actually make him or her feel shut out totally because your partner would see you as being secretive. Why stay in such a union where communication is absent and lacking?

They can bring couples closer together. When you do not involve your partner on any plan or project you intend achieving, then you are sending a message of how unimportant their inputs are or that of lack of trust. Try not to look for things they do wrongly. It is for the matured minds and those who know what they are entering. Happy couples accentuate the positive. While I intended to write on those three ways we discussed to make your man fall back in love with you, I will add seven extra secrets to a successful relationship and marriage.

No union can survive without them because it is the bedrock upon which other ingredients Worship your wife characteristics of a good union stand on. Follow me on BloglovinInstagram and Twitter. Show him admiration when he goes the extra mile at work or for a neighbor. Aside sending the message that you are all ears to the discussion of the moment, the act of staring, admiring and locking of eyes with your partner is itself very romantic and bonding. It also allows both parties to come together and move on.

No one is perfect, we are all working towards perfection, therefore it is normal mistakes would be made on such journey. Not all arguments and disagreements in a relationship or marriage is unhealthy. When they return from work and want to tell you about their day and how it went, pay attention to the story.