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Wwe bayley reddit

There's a lot of fatalism in wrestling fans. I am constantly hearing arguments that such and such idea didn't work therefore such and such idea couldn't work. This is a really good example of the over-determined thinking I'm constantly hearing from wrestling fans.

Wwe Bayley Reddit

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Check out our Chrome extension to automatically restore deleted content on Reddit. How would you have Asuka humiliate Charlotte?

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Reply Share. People gamble on this?!

Asuka Vs. The Horsewomen is one of the best things in wrestling. Lol who the fuck would gamble on Wrestling.

Bayley's love taps are so awful. More posts from the SquaredCircle community. Idk if the chairs are too heavy or what but no woman in wwe can do a chair shot and not make it look like the chair is 50 pounds.

All the women suck at chair shots imo. It wouldn't screw over gamblers though, if someone in the match is replaced, the market is void Asuka had already had her Covid test and this match was just to fill time so Sasha could attack her.

Asuka: dances in Japanese. WWE people, I beg of you: If you can't make a chair shot look good, just don't do it. Asuka rules, dude. Plans change.

Vince: Hey Asuka want another title match? They succeeded. The entire purpose of this match was to screw over gamblers. Never bet on a work, fam.

Bring back ginmicked chairs, let 'em get one good whack in. Reddit's largest professional wrestling community. Found the internet!

Created Jun 28, Community Heroes Powerups Top posts september 28th Top posts of september, Top posts Back to Top. Asuka wins via DQ. Sort by: best. Continue this thread. Asuka was supposed to be on the preshow and instead she got two match on the main card, absolute workhorse.