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Young cousin incest stories

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Young Cousin Incest Stories

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The next day my parents took Catie shopping, probably to buy her whatever her little heart desired. The next drawer was filled with socks and an assortment of underwear.

She had long dirty blond hair that she usually wore in a pony tail. I took of my shoes and threw them in the hall, entering her room I sat down on the bed next to her.

I didn't have a good excuse to refuse her and I didn't want her to tell my parents I was being a dick and then they would hassle me. I removed my pants and shirt, leaving myself dressed in just boxer briefs which outlined my already hard prick.

The first two were just pants and shirts, cute little shorts and tiny t-shirts. Catie continued her monologue of whining and gossip which I barely responded to. I finished up my shower and prepared to go out for the evening. I went through the rest of her underwear but they were just normal cotton panties that a young teenage girl would wear. I looked in the door and saw that she was in bed reading a book.

My parents bedroom was on the first floor, so that mean I had the entire upper floor to myself.

I slept in, enjoying the beginning of a long summer. It smelled of pussy and made my dick even harder, I imagined her using it on her tiny pussy. I almost fell off the small bed but I managed to hold onto her with one arm and steady myself. I began to create a plan in my mind of how to take advantage of this young girl, I would punish her for being such a little snot. I cleaned up and replaced her underwear in her drawer. She d her struggle against me, and threatened to scream and tell my parents.

As I walked up the stairs I noticed a light was on in the guest room where my cousin was. My aunt and uncle were a little wealthier, and she acted somewhat snobby which also added to my dislike of her. I slowly moved my hand to slightly rub her small, perky tit. My name is Mark and at the time of this story I am 16 years old.

I returned home around 2 in the morning, both my parents were sound asleep. I again placed my hand on her young tit and gave a gentle squeeze, noticing she didn't have a bra on underneath. I was cold and wanted to lay back to I agreed. It kinda pissed me off how much they went out of their way to please her.

We all ate dinner together and chatted about our plans for the summer. I put my arm around her waist and leaned towards her neck, where I began to lick my way up to her ear.

Catie greeted myself and my parents with big hugs and excited talk of her school year. I could see her tiny white cotton panties bunched up at her ankles, but I could just barely see her hairless slit. I got up and shut her bedroom door, turning on a small night light so I would be able to see her better.

I had never gotten in any trouble and received good grades so they trusted me to stay out late. She didn't make any move to push me off this time, I just heard her softly crying and whispering no. I looked over at her incredibly cute face and soft, dirty blond hair. I woke up and ate some toast for breakfast while I watched TV.

I was pretty horny so I decided to jerk off since I had the house to myself.

It turned me on to think of my cum being so close to her little cunt. I looked over at my young cousin and admired her beauty. To my amazement hidden beneath the underwear I found a small vibrator, a pocket rocket.

It felt great against my sensitive member, and caused it to grow even more. I laid next to her resting my head next to hers on the pillow, we were very close since it was a single bed. I opened up the first couple of drawers in the bureau next to her bed. I took the panties with me back to my room and used them to stroke my cock until I came. I leaned close to her and softly kissed her on her lips. I went to my usual material of an old Victoria's secret magazine.

I was feeling pretty drunk and didn't feel like being bothered by this brat. She saw me shiver due to the cold air from the air conditioner and invited me under the covers to get warm. I pulled my cock out and ran it against the cool, soft fabric of her bra.

I got a little drop of cum on the crotch of her panties, which I wiped off so she wouldn't notice. I had to admit, she was turning out to be cute as hell though. We kissed each other on the lips quickly a couple of times and then one longer one. Catie always enjoyed coming to visit my parents because they treated her like a little angel since they had never had a daughter of their own. She stopped moving and was immediately silent, I heard her catch her breath. We talked for awhile about what my parents had bought her and how bitchy some of the girls at school were.

We lay there quietly for a few minutes as I calculated my next move. I was living with my mom and dad in a suburb of New York city.

She had just turned 14 that spring and when she first entered the house I saw something different in her. I could see her perfectly tanned and skinny legs part slightly as she began to pee. I could see her perfectly in the mirror across from the shower without her being able to see me.

I warmed up quickly being under the covers and next to her body. As I lifted the covers I noticed she was wearing a tiny pair of white shorts and a small white t-shirt that revealed a thin strip of tanned belly.

She turned off the light next to her bed, leaving the room dimly lit by the light in the hallway. There was one bra that was a little sexier, it was small, red and lacy. I heard the stream of piss hitting the toilet, and a groan of relief from his cousin. She giggled and turned her head away, but seconds later brought her lips back to meet mine. Even in the dim light I could see fear in her face as I crawled back under the covers.

My parents will kill me. In the dark I could see her hesitantly nod her head yes. She had a couple of regular cotton bras that were uninteresting.

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I grew a little irritated at her meaningless rambling and her snotty attitude. I started to kiss and lick her neck again, nibbling her ears and thrusting my tongue inside. I walked over to the bureau and retrieved the tiny dildo from the drawer.

I got brave and tried sticking my tongue into her mouth, once she realized what she was doing she closed her lips tightly and turned her head. I couldn't believe the thoughts that were going through my mind about my young cousin. In my drunken state I could only think of the supple teenage body that lay next to me, whether or not she was my cousin. Please don't tell anyone, I'll get in so much trouble.

During the summer my cousin Catie would come and visit our family for a couple of weeks. As she hugged me I could feel her growing breasts pushed against me. I watched as she pulled down her jeans and panties in one motion and sat down on the toilet.

Her body smelled of the sweetness after a woman showers, the scent of her shampoo and body wash was enticing. My mind started to convince itself that she needed to be initiated into sex, and her possession of the vibrator proved she was horny. I then picked up the matching pair of panties, also rubbing the lacy material against my dick. The pictures of bras and panties made me want to touch one, run my cock against it I went down the hall to the guest room my bratty cousin was now inhabiting.

Even if I had wanted to kiss them I'm not sure I would be any good at it. She would stay in the room down the hall from my bedroom. I could smell the sweet scent of a teenage girl, a mix of perfume, body lotion, and hair spray. I stopped kissing her but kept my head close to her face and my body close to hers. I could see her enter the bathroom, as she sat down on the toilet I peeked through the shower curtain to get a better look.

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She was a tiny girl, about 5'3 with a slim, athletic and tanned body. She wiped herself and dressed, after she washed her hands she thanked me and left. That night after dinner I was taking a shower and I heard a frantic knock on the bathroom door. She was wearing a tight fitting pair of stylish jeans, flip flops, and a soft blue cotton t-shirt.

I put the toy on the nightstand next to bed, as I wouldn't be needing it yet.